Why Horses?

Why I choose to partner with horses in the role of teacher.

Horses are prey animals, and because of this they are naturally and constantly ‘tuned-in’ to their environments; checking everything and everyone that enters their space.  They are remarkably sensitive, intuitive and sentient beings. These are just some of the reasons I choose to partner with these majestic animals.

The ability of the horse to act as a mirror is another of the reasons I partner with them.  Horses instinctively detect emotional incongruities in us.  They sense when the outside behaviour or emotion of a person is not matching up with the feelings going on in the inside.  You simply cannot hide behind the “mask” you might live behind in your day to day life.  Horses do not lie or judge, they simply are not capable of it, because their very existence as prey animals depend on their ability to “read” and to “know”. The important piece of information here is that horses have no agenda or criteria with which to measure a person. They call it like it is and will mirror the truth. They force us in a way to look deep within ourselves, almost forcing us to be honest about our feelings and emotions; to actually connect with the truth that lies within us. Horses help people make sense of the “WHY”, to help with being real about someone’s true beliefs on the inside.

Some clients that have tried numerous ‘talk-therapy’ approaches,  come to sessions with ‘their stories of the past’. They seek services ready to fit into the mold of the client, giving the usual responses to the usual questions and wonder why nothing changes for them. This is not the case when working with myself and the horses. Horses have an innate ability to see right through a person and their masks.

With the horse being a mirror to your soul, people may be uncomfortable with the reflection. No matter how this mirroring occurs, whether you experience this as soft, gentle and nourishing or rebellious, difficult and challenging, the experience offers an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Horses force us to face ourselves. Once we can do that, the experience can offer a wealth of freedom and inspiration to be able to move forward an onward in our life’s journey.