Personal Development Work

This work takes place outside with the horses (Weather permitting).

Personal Development Work is as individual as you are unique. That journey, whatever that may look like, will support you to make sense of yourself from the inside out in order to address topics such as:  Spirituality, Intuition, What is my Life’s Purpose? Or statements you might have made such as “How am I in this situation again?”

Have you ever felt “There must be more to life…?” Or wondered whether you are ‘Intuitive’?  Have you asked yourself questions like “Do I really have ‘Spirit Guides / Guardian Angels?” Are you feeling stuck or lost with no sense of direction?  “Why does the ‘Manifesting’ work I do not work for me?”  Want to create a Vision-Board?  If these are the types of questions you have asked yourself, then this area of work may be right for you!

  • Learn about and learn to connect with your spirit guides / guardian angels
  • Explore and develop your Intuition
  • Explore your souls purpose for this current human experience
  • How to manifest the life you want

Personal Development Work can be worked on individually or in a group setting – sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page for “Up-coming Events” for more information.