Most parents struggle to make sense of their child(rens) behaviours at some point.  Not many parents enjoy seeing their child(ren) getting upset or sad.  You as a parent may experience feeling powerless in your role.  Your child(ren) may inadvertently be triggering your emotional sore spots; your past emotional wounds, and by doing so may evoke your defenses and reactions of anger, irritation, and frustration that may seem irrational.

Parents often miss the “bigger picture” of what is, and could be going on for your Child(ren). Through the lens of attachment, relationship and the developmental paradigm, I support you through this trying time by assisting you to make sense of the behaviours.  You will be Introduced to topics such as frustration, the six stages of emotional development, the alpha complex, and tears and tantrums with suggested language and the reasons why it is important for your child to experience a “no”, sadness and disappointment at times.

This work is with parents only, and does not involve working with the child(ren).