What people who have worked with us have to say

“I was lost in myself before I met Michelle without even knowing it. And after a couple of sessions I have become the man I have always been able to be. My journey is still on going and I don’t know where my finish line is but I wouldn’t be able or wanting to do it with anybody else but Michelle’s support and warmth on my journey”.

“Michelle is not only a fantastic counsellor but she is also one of my favourite people. She is smart and funny and makes you feel safe and comfortable so it is easy to open up and get to the root of the problem. Her techniques and words are effective and unique. I could go on, but in short I would definitely recommend Michelle,  she has helped me immensely and I know she would help you too.”

“This therapeutic approach is completely different than your typical “talk therapy”. Working with the horses created such a deeper insight regarding myself and my past. It was so much easier working with the horses and having them reflect back to me in a gentle manner. I have found talk therapy is based on another human’s perspective shedding light on what they perceive may be the root cause of your discomfort. Although helpful sometimes can lead you astray. Working with the horses was a different experience that I found helpful in a way counselling has never done for me. Michelle definitely has a way in working with you and the horses that allows you to find your self that is mute or buried. I found this to be a very healing experience.”

“I would recommend Michelle’s services to anyone…there have been times that it feels like my life is spinning out of control and Michelle has helped me put things back into perspective and made everything feel more manageable again”.

“Michelle is an extremely insightful and on point counsellor that had me pegged from the first day. She was an excellent guide for me and I highly recommend her.”

“I have been to ‘traditional therapy’ for most of my life and it has not helped.  Heart and Mind brings a different and effective approach.  I am getting the help that I need to heal from past trauma that I have never had before.”